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Funeral Directors Cambridge

Funeral Directors Cambridge

Funeral Directors Cambridge

We are Richard Stebbings Funeral Services Ltd, offering an experienced team of funeral directors in Cambridge, Newmarket and Cambridgeshire who are here to help you when you have lost a loved one. Our funeral directors can take care of a breadth of funeral plans and arrangements from funeral cars to flowers.

Funeral Cars Newmarket

We are proud to be a family run company and we have a wealth of experience carrying out funeral plans for a wide range of people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Our funeral directors strive to provide a supportive and sympathetic service.

We have a range of funeral cars available including a traditional Victorian horse drawn hearse which is drawn by black friesian horses.

Funeral Plans Cambridgeshire

Although it can be upsetting, many have us will have thought about our funeral plans, but haven't put in place the precautions to ensure that the arrangements will be taken care of when you pass away. We offer pre payment funeral plans that will reduce the emotional and financial pressure for your loved ones in the future.

Our funeral directors are proud to be members of the British Institute of Funeral Directors, the National Association of Funeral Directors and the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors and abide by the codes and practices that these bodies set out.

Richard Stebbings Funeral Services Ltd: supportive and professional funeral directors in Cambridge, Newmarket and Cambridgeshire.